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Never, EVER.

NCACU continues to work diligently to protect you and your accounts from fraud.  But fraud attempts happen every day and members are susceptible.  NEVER give out your account information, passwords or personal information to anyone who calls you.  Recent fraud attempts include phone calls supposedly from the IRS regarding issues with tax filings or refunds.  Once the caller convinces you they are legitimate (not) they just need you to clarify your account number.  NO LEGITIMATE FINANCIAL AGENCY WILL EVER ASK FOR YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER. EVER.  No legitimate lending agency will ask you to send them money for a loan or deposit to your account. Ever.  Never, ever give out your account information.

Follow Our Balloon Challenge On Facebook!

NCACU Branches/Departments are having a fun, spring challenge!  For every loan we close, we get to put a balloon in the boss’ office!  Follow our progress on Facebook and see how many balloons we can get in by the end of the month!

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Additional Warnings About Target Breach


NCACU has learned that phishing e-mails are being sent out that appear to be from Target.  These e-mails play on the fears of the public that they may have had their card compromised.  As a precaution, we want our cardholders aware of this potential threat and remind you to proceed with caution if you receive an e-mail from Target.  Do NOT open any links that may be included in these e-mails as that could potentially allow additional access to their personal information.  (more…)

Target-Data Breach

You may have heard the news…Target suffered a data breach.  Some of our members who conducted debit/credit card transactions at Target between November 28 and December 15 may be among the reported 40 million Target customers who are victims the card data breach.  NCACU is responding to this report and will notify members whose information was compromised.  With this particular case, we encourage all members to be especially diligent in monitoring transactions being made on your account.  Log in to It’s Me 24/7 to review transactions as they occur.  If you notice something out of the ordinary–please contact the credit union immediately for dispute information.  As always–you SHOULD NEVER–EVER–give out your account information and we will never call you for your account information!