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Have you heard of RFID theft?

How to Combat RFID Theft

Have you heard of RFID theft? Stories are popping up in the news and products like wallets and protective sleeves are being advertised as “must haves.” We are starting to field questions from members. RFID stands for Radio Frequency ID. 

The technology is used on credit cards that advertise “pass” technology where you don’t have to physically swipe the card at check out–you just pass it near the scanner. Thieves have found ways to capture your RFID while your card is in your pocket or your purse…at least that is what is being said. NCACU does NOT use RFID technology at this time. Members can check their wallets for cards that maybe using RFID by looking for the sound wave logo. If you do indeed have a card with RFID technology then using a protective covering or wallet is recommended to prevent your account being hacked. If you have any more questions stop by your local branch.