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Buyer Beware!

We frequently get questions from members seeking to “dispute” trial membership fees on their accounts.  Members sometimes sign up for “30 days Free” product trials and miss that they must cancel in the prescribed window or they will incur fees. These fees are not disputable unless you cancelled according to the seller and have documentation.

Here is how trial products typically work-

1)      Sign up for trail of product and pay shipping.

2)      Cancel within the time frame stated or full charge will post for the “trial product” (time starts on day you order or day product is shipped, not the day you receive the product).

3)      If you don’t call to cancel you are now signed up for auto shipments and auto debits to pay for them.

4)      Do not send product back “Return to Sender” you need to pay to send it back and keep your receipt as proof.

5)      The only time you can file a dispute for a “trial product” is if you have canceled within their time frame and returned the product as directed by merchant OR if you did not participate in the trail at all. (If you fully intend to cancel don’t wait until day 30 to do it. Allow adequate processing time so that you avoid unwanted charges.)

It is a “buyer beware” world.  Sometimes these free trails are worth it, but you need to know and stay within your cancellation windows.