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Customize Online Banking

Many people do not like to use their credit union account numbers on the Internet. It’s Me 247 allows you set up a username that can be entered in place of your account number when you log in to your accounts. Not only will this help keep your account number more private, it should be easier to remember!  To set up  a username log into It’s Me 247 click on INFO CENTER, Then MY PREFERENCES, then USERNAME.

To further customize your online banking center, you can use a Nickname instead of an account suffix number.  This is an easy way to help you keep track of your finances and can even motivate you to save money!  If you know you want to put money away every pay day for a special vacation, you can nickname your savings account “Cruise Fund” and you just might be more inclined to make those deposits on a regular basis!  Nicknames can also help when you have more than one car loan.  Instead of having to guess which payment you are making you can nickname the accounts with terms like “Dad’s Truck” or “Mom’s Car” or maybe you prefer something more exciting like “The Red Rocket.”  To create nicknames for your accounts log into It’s Me 247 and click on the MY ACCOUNTS tab, then SET UP and then click on NICKNAMES.