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Fraud Alert

fraud alert

The crooks are at it again.  There is a never ending list of fraud attempts and it is so important to remain diligent in protecting your account information!   Fraud alerts for NCACU Debit cards are phone calls and/or emails to members.  Fraud alerts for NCACU Visa cards are text messages, emails, and then a phone call.  NEITHER fraud company will ask for card information. They know it’s your card and they know your account number.  ANY call that asks you for your account number is a SCAM.  Legitimate Fraud Alerts will verify that they are speaking to the correct person (they can ask you to confirm the last four digits of your social security) and then they will verify transaction attempts on your card that they view as suspicious. 

We have had reports of phone calls and text messages attempting to get card information. Tis the season to commit fraud, and they are good at it- it’s their “job!”  When in doubt–don’t answer.  You are always welcome to call the service center if you have concerns.