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IMPORTANT – Debit Card Scam

Phone calls are being made purporting they are from North Central Area Credit Union stating your Debit Card has been compromised.  They are NOT from NCACU, DO NOT give out ANY information, this is a scam. North Central Area Credit Union will NEVER call and ask for personal information, card or pin numbers.  There has NOT been a data breach at North Central Area Credit Union.  This is a phishing scam to obtain personal information.  DO NOT give out your personal information.  Please share this information with your family and friends.

Yesterday members (and non-members) began receiving text messages and/or automated phone calls regarding their debit and/or credit card. Some of the messages say that their card has been compromised, others say that their card has been deactivated. In every case they are being asked to enter their card number and PIN (personal identification number)

As you can see there is no real rhyme or reason to the calls:

  •           Members with a card
  •           Members without a card
  •           Non-members
  •           Text messages
  •           Automated calls

It is important to understand that this is not a data breach at NCACU

This is however a serious situation. Once you give out your information scammers are quick to remotely withdraw funds. By the time you realize that funds have been removed from your account the scammers have closed up shop and moved on to a new area.

Never, never, never give out personal information regarding your account.