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Online Banking Phishing Scam

We have just become aware of a phishing scam targeting members engaged in online banking.

Please note that this scam is targeting many different online banking sites and is in no way exclusive to CU*Answers, It’s Me 247 online banking, or North Central Area Credit Union. Other financial institutions affected include Canandaigua National Bank & Trust and Mariner’s Bank.

Members affected by this scam have a malicious program on their computer that displays a pop-up in online banking. The pop-up attempts to lure the member to a fraudulent site offering free gifts, games, credit checks, or other rewards.

If you see this pop-up in online banking, please log out of online banking and other sensitive online applications before navigating to other websites. Additionally, please refrain from conducting any sensitive online transactions until you have removed all malicious software from your computer.

As always, please be extremely suspicious of pop-ups that appear in online banking.