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Avoiding Fees

We have updated our fee schedule. This was the first revision in over 10 years.  It was time to review and update our fees for services that cost the cooperative money.  As everyone knows, costs are going up everywhere—including at your local credit union.

If you are not currently paying fees, you are not likely to start now.

NCACU–your credit union–is a cooperative. That means that we all pitch our money into the pot for the betterment of everyone in the membership.  The goal is “people helping people.”  The credit union philosophy is to loan out the vast majority of what we take in.  We strive to be easier to use than a bank and we are a not-for-profit entity. We have to control costs that affect the cooperative.  That means we all have to pay for the services we use so that the cooperative does not take a loss.

The one change in the fee schedule that will affect the most members is that we are switching to paperless statements effective January 1, 2023. Paperless statements are better for the planet and save us a lot of money in printing, paper, and postage. If a member CHOOSES to keep paper statements, the fee is $5 per month.  E-statements are Free. Enroll TODAY! 

You have the power to not spend more in fees.  NCACU will continue to work with members who need help avoiding fees.  Call the Service Center for more information (989) 910-5135.

Copy of Fee Schedule in Effect 7/8/2022

Account ServicesFeeAvoid by:
IRA Accounts$3.00
Copy of Draft$5.00Use It's Me 247 to see or print FREE copies of drafts
Automatic Overdraft Transfer$5.00Maintain a positive balance to cover pending transactions, or make online transfers prior to purchase.
ACH set up (one time)$5.00
Printed Statement Fee$5.00/monthEffective January 1, 2023. Enroll in FREE E-statements to avoid the fee.
ATM, Visa, Debit Replacement Cards$5.00 each
Bad Address$10.00/monthMake sure you update your credit union if you move.
Statement Duplication$10.00Print for FREE from It's Me 247
Account Closure (within first 60 days)$25.00Keep your account open and active
Account Reconcilitation$25.00Keep careful records and balance your account each month.
Stop Payment$30.00
Return Checks$30.00
Courtesy Pay$30.00Maintain a positive balance to cover pending transactions, or make online transfers prior to purchase.
Dormant Account$35.00Deposit, withdrawal, or transfer in/out of your account every 6 months.
Garnishment/Levy Processing$40.00Pay your bills or make payment arrangements before a problem arises.
Wire Tranfer (foreign)$45.00
General Services
Notary Services for MembersFree
Money Orders$3.00Write a check, Use Bill Pay or Person 2 Person to transfer funds.
Corporate Checks$3.00
Visa Gift Cards$3.00 each
Balance Inquiry$3.00Use It's Me 247, 24 Teller, or text banking
Non-Member Notary Services$5.00Become a Member of NCACU!
Non-Member Cash Advance$5.00Become a Member of NCACU!
IRA Reconcilitation$10.00
Early ACH (online)$15.00
Early ACH (teller) $20.00Pay less by using It's Me 247
Wire Transfer (Domestic)$25.00
NCACU offers a workaround to avoid or reduce paying most penalty fees. Fees are designed to change member behavior and encourage utilization of technology, increase staff efficiency and reduce credit union expenditures. Service Fees cover the cost of the service and cannot be avoided.









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