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Scam Alert

Fraud attempts are again being reported across several financial institutions. Consumers receive very convincing phone calls (usually from a blocked number) telling them that their debit card has been blocked due to fraudulent activity and asking them to report the account number to re-activate the card. THIS IS FRAUD! The scary part is how real the caller makes it seem!! Remember to NEVER, EVER give out your information to anyone!!!!!! A legitimate financial institution will never call you and ask questions about your account—they have that information. “Don’t Call Me—I’ll Call You” is a good rule of thumb for determining fraudulent phone calls. Never give your account information to anyone who calls you. Please spread the word!!!!

Our lobbies are open! We have reserved the first hour of business on Tuesdays and Thursdays for seniors and high-risk members. Under Executive Order 2020-153, visitors must wear a face covering while in the branch. We appreciate your cooperation.