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Support for Windows XP Ends


On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end support for Windows XP leaving millions of  computers susceptible to hackers creating serious concerns for computer security all across the cyber world.  North Central Area Credit Union has been working for the last several months to upgrade computers, ATMs and other electronic Windows devices to assure that  systems transition through this change without interruption. However, members using older computer systems at home with the Windows XP framework could put their financial accounts at risk by using these computers for secure (online banking, online purchases, online bill pay or any other activity requiring credit card or account information) transactions.  This is a serious security concern.  “We can not make people upgrade their computers, but they need to understand that after April 8th their computers will put them at serious risk for malware, viruses and potentially fraud,” said NCACU CFO, Diane Abbonizio. NCACU encourages members not to use XP systems after the end-support date and will continue to monitor the XP threat and make additional changes if necessary.  NCACU can help members upgrade computer systems with the “Anything Goes” personal loan.  Talk to your loan officer for more information.