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Tis the Season!

Falcon is a system the credit union uses to detect fraudulent activity on your account.  Falcon look for suspicious activity by recognizing patterns in where you generally shop.  So if you travel out of area and don’t notify the credit union, an alert can be set off on your account.  Another issue that can trigger an alert is if you are in a store locally and the store transaction is processed through a corporate headquarters in another state.  If you get a Falcon Alert phone call, LISTEN carefully to the details.  Members tend to only hear the location of the alert.  An example could be a Chain Store purchase in Houghton Lake that processes to Corporate headquarters in Alabama.  It’s a legitimate transaction, but the Falcon Alert could say, “Did you purchase $39.00 worth of goods at a Chain Store in Alabama?”  Members hear “Alabama” and quickly say “No,” resulting in their account being closed immediately.  Once your account is closed you have wait to get a new card.  That can be tough at this time of year.  Be sure to check all the details before you answer the questions.  Did you purchase that amount in a store by the same name in your local area.   Falcon Alerts are a very important part of protecting your accounts.  Your cooperation and patience is appreciated.