Fraud Alerts

Online Banking Phishing Scam

We have just become aware of a phishing scam targeting members engaged in online banking.

Please note that this scam is targeting many different online banking sites and is in no way exclusive to CU*Answers, It’s Me 247 online banking, or North Central Area Credit Union. Other financial institutions affected include Canandaigua National Bank & Trust and Mariner’s Bank.

Members affected by this scam have a malicious program on their computer that displays a pop-up in online banking. The pop-up attempts to lure the member to a fraudulent site offering free gifts, games, credit checks, or other rewards. (more…)

Scam Alert

Fraud attempts are again being reported across several financial institutions. Consumers receive very convincing phone calls (usually from a blocked number) telling them that their debit card has been blocked due to fraudulent activity and asking them to report the account number to re-activate the card. THIS IS FRAUD! The scary part is how real the caller makes it seem!! Remember to NEVER, EVER give out your information to anyone!!!!!! A legitimate financial institution will never call you and ask questions about your account—they have that information. “Don’t Call Me—I’ll Call You” is a good rule of thumb for determining fraudulent phone calls. Never give your account information to anyone who calls you. Please spread the word!!!!

Phishing Scam Alert


We’ve become aware of a phishing scam in which the emails falsely indicate that they are from Fiserv. The emails advise recipients to forward the email to and also to open an attachment, which contains malware seeking to capture the recipient’s passwords and personal financial information.


Text/Email Fraud Alert


We are again receiving reports that members are getting fradulent text messages and/or emails with reports that systems are down, software is out of date, or cards have been inactivated.

REMEMBER: NCACU will NEVER call, text, or email you to ask you for your account number. (more…)

IMPORTANT – Debit Card Scam

Phone calls are being made purporting they are from North Central Area Credit Union stating your Debit Card has been compromised.  They are NOT from NCACU, DO NOT give out ANY information, this is a scam. North Central Area Credit Union will NEVER call and ask for personal information, card or pin numbers.  There has NOT been a data breach at North Central Area Credit Union.  This is a phishing scam to obtain personal information.  DO NOT give out your personal information.  Please share this information with your family and friends. (more…)

Fraudulent E-Mails

If you receive an e-mail from it is FRAUDULANT. Do not open or respond to it; delete it.

It will have the verbiage of:
“The ACH transaction, recently sent from your checking account (by you or any other person), was cancelled by the Electronic Payments Association. Please click here to view report.

If you receive this message DO NOT forward it, DELETE the message and report it your local branch