Credit Cards

NCACU has two credit card options. Our Visa Classic at 12.90% APR* and Visa Gold at 10.90% APR are available to all members depending on qualifications and credit records. There is no annual fee with either card.  Don’t have an NCACU Visa yet? To apply just download our VISA Application, fill it out and mail it in or bring it your local branch. 

Be sure to check out our Scorecard rewards program here Visa Score Card Gift Catalog or here Visa Score Card Travel Catalog.

Register With Secure Code

NCACU members carrying MasterCards are advised to register with MasterCard SecureCode.  MasterCard SecureCode is a private code for your MasterCard account that gives you an additional layer of online shopping security. Only you know what your code is – retailers aren’t able to see it, so you can trust that your transactions get your approval every time.  Secure Code is driven by online merchants. Not all online companies utilize it, but the ones that do require the MasterCard cardholder to be enrolled in SecureCode and will deny a transaction without it. It really is just an extra level of security provided by these online companies and MasterCard.  Visit this website to enroll today: Secure Code

Remember as you get ready to shop for the holidays—some merchants will require that your card is enrolled in this program and will deny MasterCard purchases if you are not enrolled.

It’s a Great Time To Transfer Cards!

Transfer your current credit card balance to our lower interest credit cards to save on fees and interest!!  We offer fixed rates, no balance transfer fees, no penalty APRs, your rate is not determined by credit score and we have a rewards program.

Card Lost or Stolen?

You can report a lost or stolen credit/debit card using the numbers listed for the card you need to report. It is important that you call the correct number as each is specific to the type of card you are using. Please note that you may be asked to give your name, our full business name (North Central Area Credit Union), and the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your address or phone number in order to verify your account. During Business Hours Monday – Friday  9am – 5pm Please call our Service Center at (989) 910-5135.  After Hours VISA Credit Card 800-369-4887 ATM/MasterCard Debit Card 888-241-2510 Out of the Country VISA Credit Card: (Collect) 401-581-9994 ATM/MasterCard Debit Card: 909-941-1398 


*APR=Annual Percentage Rate