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Pen vs. Pin: Gain Enhanced Security with Signature Transactions! 

Using your Debit Card wisely involves more than just swiping; it includes choosing the most secure confirmation method. There are several reasons why you should opt to sign for transactions (“Pen”) instead of entering your PIN (“Pin”) during purchases. 

How to Sign When Prompted at Checkout: 

Choosing to sign for your Debit Card transactions can not only enhance security but may also provide additional benefits like rewards, depending on your account features. Here’s how you can opt to sign instead of using your PIN: 

  • Look for the Prompt: After swiping or inserting your Debit Card at the checkout terminal, watch the screen for a prompt asking if you want to process the transaction as ‘Debit’ or ‘Credit.’ 
  • Select ‘Credit:’ To proceed with a signature, select ‘Credit’ even if using a Debit Card. Typically, this can be achieved by pressing the GREEN button or choosing ‘YES’ to bypass the PIN entry. 
  • Ask for Assistance: If you’re unsure how to proceed, don’t hesitate to ask the merchant for help. They can guide you on how to process the transaction as a credit transaction. 
  • Signature Requirements: Not all transactions will prompt you to sign. This often depends on the transaction amount. Generally, purchases over a certain dollar threshold (usually set by the merchant or payment processor) require a signature for additional security. Common thresholds range between $25 to $50, but this can vary based on the retailer or the specifics of the payment network used. 

Advantages of Signature-Based Transactions: 

Signature transactions are designed to bolster the security of your Debit Card usage while offering enhanced protection. After selecting to sign for your transaction at the terminal, you follow a simple process and unlock several benefits. 

  • Gain Enhanced Protection: Signature transactions provide additional security layers, so you are not held responsible for fraudulent charges. 
  • No PIN Exposure: By signing for purchases, you avoid entering your PIN at terminals, significantly reducing the risk of PIN theft and enhancing the security of your account. 

More Benefits of ‘Pen’ Over ‘Pin’: 

  • Transaction Clearance: While PIN transactions may clear your account faster, choosing the ‘Pen’ option offers enhanced security, although you may see a slightly longer time for funds to clear. 
  • Enhanced Security: Signing for your transaction also enrolls you in our Debit Card’s Zero Liability Policy, protecting you against unauthorized charges. 
  • Added Protection: Signature transactions utilize a secure credit channel, adding an extra layer of security that helps shield your account from potential breaches and fraud. It also ensures your checking deposits remain protected against fraudsters. 

Final Thoughts: 

Signing for transactions is a simple yet effective step towards securing your financial well-being, providing peace of mind each time you use your card.