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Don’t Let Them Scare You!

Members are reporting fraud attempts from calls claiming to be from the government trying to get payment for past due taxes or some such issue. Do NOT give out your personal information! Block the calls on your phone and Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. That is really the only defense you have. Arguing with them will generally end up in more stress. Stay Strong!

New Positions Available!

New positions are coming available soon! Check it out and join our team!

Protect Your Account

As soon as one source of fraud is shut down, it seems the news is reporting another. While NCACU works very hard to protect our members from fraudulent activity it is critical that our members work hard to protect themselves.  We live in a digital age—and no one is completely safe from Identity theft. Members who don’t use electronic devices like debit cards, internet banking or online bill pay may think they are safe, but surprisingly, by not using these programs  it may be harder for you to detect fraudulent activity on your account. Recent reports of data breeches or fraudulent activity prove that no data base is completely safe and has banks and credit unions scrambling to close and issue new cards to prevent losses.

There are some things all members should be doing to protect your accounts. (more…)

Pay Attention!

A Roscommon member received a call from someone saying they were from North Central Area Credit Union. They were asking for her husband and wanting to know his ATM pin and account number. Our member was alert enough to not share any information. The caller asked her to call them back at 877-276-3721. The member Googled the number and it is registered as a fraudulent number.  Great detective work!! This is a good reminder to NEVER, EVER give out your account number, PIN, or any other personal information.  North Central Area Credit Union will NEVER call you and ask for your account information.  Similar threats are happening with calls about student loan relief, Charter Communications past due bills and offers to get you lower interest rates.  Don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize.

Printing 1099 from E-Statements

Members trying to print their 1099 from their e-statements need to use the PDF option in the view choices of their statements.  Once you click on PDF, the document should view and print correctly.  If you need further help please call our Service Center. 

Tis the Season!

Falcon is a system the credit union uses to detect fraudulent activity on your account.  Falcon look for suspicious activity by recognizing patterns in where you generally shop.  So if you travel out of area and don’t notify the credit union, an alert can be set off on your account.  Another issue that can trigger an alert is if you are in a store locally and the store transaction is processed through a corporate headquarters in another state.  If you get a Falcon Alert phone call, LISTEN carefully to the details.  Members tend to only hear the location of the alert.  An example could be a Chain Store purchase in Houghton Lake that processes to Corporate headquarters in Alabama.  It’s a legitimate transaction, but the Falcon Alert could say, “Did you purchase $39.00 worth of goods at a Chain Store in Alabama?”  Members hear “Alabama” and quickly say “No,” resulting in their account being closed immediately.  Once your account is closed you have wait to get a new card.  That can be tough at this time of year.  Be sure to check all the details before you answer the questions.  Did you purchase that amount in a store by the same name in your local area.   Falcon Alerts are a very important part of protecting your accounts.  Your cooperation and patience is appreciated. 

Scholarship Winners Announced

NCACU is proud to announce our 2016 Scholarship Winners:

  • Amy Campeau, Roscommon Branch
  • April Gugin, Grayling Branch
  • Nicole Goltz, Standish Branch
  • Audrey McGee, Roscommon Branch

College students who are members in good standing can apply annually for our scholarship which focuses on strong academics and community volunteerism.  Congratulations to this years winners! We Are North Central!


Fraud Alert

fraud alert

The crooks are at it again.  There is a never ending list of fraud attempts and it is so important to remain diligent in protecting your account information!   Fraud alerts for NCACU Debit cards are phone calls and/or emails to members.  Fraud alerts for NCACU Visa cards are text messages, emails, and then a phone call.  NEITHER fraud company will ask for card information. They know it’s your card and they know your account number.  ANY call that asks you for your account number is a SCAM.  Legitimate Fraud Alerts will verify that they are speaking to the correct person (they can ask you to confirm the last four digits of your social security) and then they will verify transaction attempts on your card that they view as suspicious.  (more…)

Snowbirds Ready to Fly!


Many of our members are preparing to head south or west for the winter! Please remember to update the credit union with your current address to save us all headaches down the road! We wish all of our “snowbirds” happy and safe travels and warmth in the sunshine!

Buyer Beware!

We frequently get questions from members seeking to “dispute” trial membership fees on their accounts.  Members sometimes sign up for “30 days Free” product trials and miss that they must cancel in the prescribed window or they will incur fees. These fees are not disputable unless you cancelled according to the seller and have documentation.

Here is how trial products typically work- (more…)