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Tis the Season!

Falcon is a system the credit union uses to detect fraudulent activity on your account.  Falcon look for suspicious activity by recognizing patterns in where you generally shop.  So if you travel out of area and don’t notify the credit union, an alert can be set off on your account.  Another issue that can trigger an alert is if you are in a store locally and the store transaction is processed through a corporate headquarters in another state.  If you get a Falcon Alert phone call, LISTEN carefully to the details.  Members tend to only hear the location of the alert.  An example could be a Chain Store purchase in Houghton Lake that processes to Corporate headquarters in Alabama.  It’s a legitimate transaction, but the Falcon Alert could say, “Did you purchase $39.00 worth of goods at a Chain Store in Alabama?”  Members hear “Alabama” and quickly say “No,” resulting in their account being closed immediately.  Once your account is closed you have wait to get a new card.  That can be tough at this time of year.  Be sure to check all the details before you answer the questions.  Did you purchase that amount in a store by the same name in your local area.   Falcon Alerts are a very important part of protecting your accounts.  Your cooperation and patience is appreciated. 

Scholarship Winners Announced

NCACU is proud to announce our 2016 Scholarship Winners:

  • Amy Campeau, Roscommon Branch
  • April Gugin, Grayling Branch
  • Nicole Goltz, Standish Branch
  • Audrey McGee, Roscommon Branch

College students who are members in good standing can apply annually for our scholarship which focuses on strong academics and community volunteerism.  Congratulations to this years winners! We Are North Central!


Fraud Alert

fraud alert

The crooks are at it again.  There is a never ending list of fraud attempts and it is so important to remain diligent in protecting your account information!   Fraud alerts for NCACU Debit cards are phone calls and/or emails to members.  Fraud alerts for NCACU Visa cards are text messages, emails, and then a phone call.  NEITHER fraud company will ask for card information. They know it’s your card and they know your account number.  ANY call that asks you for your account number is a SCAM.  Legitimate Fraud Alerts will verify that they are speaking to the correct person (they can ask you to confirm the last four digits of your social security) and then they will verify transaction attempts on your card that they view as suspicious.  (more…)

Snowbirds Ready to Fly!


Many of our members are preparing to head south or west for the winter! Please remember to update the credit union with your current address to save us all headaches down the road! We wish all of our “snowbirds” happy and safe travels and warmth in the sunshine!

Buyer Beware!

We frequently get questions from members seeking to “dispute” trial membership fees on their accounts.  Members sometimes sign up for “30 days Free” product trials and miss that they must cancel in the prescribed window or they will incur fees. These fees are not disputable unless you cancelled according to the seller and have documentation.

Here is how trial products typically work- (more…)

Shopping Season

It’s almost SHOPPING Season!! If you are going shopping or on vacation out of our area, please call the Service Center (989) 910-5135 and verify the phone number we have listed for your contact.

Falcon Alert will call members to verify transactions before they temporarily block a card for unusual activity. You don’t want them calling your house when you are standing in a store waiting to purchase goodies!

Falcon Alerts protect you from fraudulent use of your card, but it can be a bit irritating if the system doesn’t know that it is truly you shopping in Timbuktu! Keep us in the loop so we can protect you and your card! Happy Shopping!

Help Us Win for Mid-Michigan Honor Flight


View our Video, Register to Vote, Vote Every Day and help us win up to $21,000 for Mid-Michigan Honor Flight! It’s never too late to thank a veteran.  Click here to see our video!

Have You Applied?


Members who are college students have the opportunity to apply for NCACU’s Scholarship if they have completed at least 24 credit hours and are actively involved in volunteerism in their community.  Check it out Here!

Security Updates

SecurLOCK is pleased to announce that they have upgraded systems allowing them to contact members via cell, text or email in the event that suspicious activity occurs on your VISA credit card.  SecurLOCK will make attempts to contact you to verify purchases. If they can’t reach you to confirm it is you making the purchases, they will shut your card down to protect you.  Remember, we will never ask you to verify your account number!  SecurLOCK may ask you to contact our service center.  As an important part of protecting you from fraud, please make sure your contact information is up to date on our records.

Online Bill Pay System Changing-Action Required


Members currently using our online bill pay system will need to take action to prepare for a system change that will make online bill pay part of our It’s Me 24/7 System.  Yay! More convenience all in one location! Click on picture below for instructions.