Don’t Let Them Scare You!

Members are reporting fraud attempts from calls claiming to be from the government trying to get payment for past due taxes or some such issue. Do NOT give out your personal information! Block the calls on your phone and Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. That is really the only defense you have. Arguing with them will generally end up in more stress. Stay Strong!


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What's New

Protect Your Account – 02/13/17

As soon as one source of fraud is shut down, it seems the news is reporting another. While NCACU works very hard to protect our members from fraudulent activity it is critical that our members work hard to protect themselves. …

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Pay Attention! – 01/30/17

A Roscommon member received a call from someone saying they were from North Central Area Credit Union. They were asking for her husband and wanting to know his ATM pin and account number. Our member was alert enough to not…

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