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Our Official Family

Board of Directors

Stephen Witt, Chair
Karen Wietzke, Vice Chair
Eric Hamp, Treasurer
Koreen Pray, Secretary
Megan Barnes, Director
Randy Baker, Director
Dave DenBoer, Director
Mark Derylo, Director
Laurie Hull, Director
Tom Moreau, Director
Tony Russo, Director
Angie Zylstra, Director

Our Management Team

Mark Richter, President/CEO
Tammy Schwalm, COO
Michelle Ross, CFO
Kelly McCarthy-Tubbs, CBOO
Philip Jacques, CLO

To contact any members of the Board, please write to:

North Central Area Credit Union
ATTN: Board of Directors
P.O. Box 817
Houghton Lake, MI 48629

To contact our Management Team, please call (989) 910-5135 ext 5119

Grandville Branch access is limited by construction. Please access Ivanrest via Prairie Street.