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Our Official Family

Board of Directors

    • Laurie Jamison, Chair
    • Megan Barnes, Vice-Chair
    • Eric Hamp, Treasurer
    • Stephen Witt, Secretary
    • Koreen Pray, Director
    • Tom Moreau, Director

Supervisory Committee

  • Brenda Ensing, Chair
  • Dick Pedersen
  • Dave DenBoer

Our Management Team

  • Tammy Schwalm, Interim President/CEO
  • Brian Wawsczyk, CFO

To contact any members of the Board or Supervisory Committee, please write to:

ATTN: Board/Supervisory
P.O. Box 817
Houghton Lake, MI 48629

To contact our Management Team, please call (989) 910-5135 Option 2 ext 5119.