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Products & Services

ATM Cards

Your credit union is always with you, anytime or anyplace you need financial services involving instant cash. You can use your North Central ATM card at any ATM with the NYCE Co-op or Cirrus logos nationwide. Transactions are free at ATMs displaying the Co-op logo. ATMs are located at most branch locations and are free when using your North Central ATM card. If you already have our Debit Card, you do not need an ATM Card. Your Debit card is ATM-ready!

MasterCard Debit

The Debit Card works like a check allowing you to purchase items worldwide. Unlike a credit card that acts like a loan, a debit card accesses your checking account directly. Present your North Central debit card to make a purchase anywhere in the country that offers MasterCard and the transaction will clear your checking account directly as if you have written a check. There are no fees and the card is accepted by merchants around the world.

Register With Secure Code

North Central members carrying MasterCards are advised to register with MasterCard SecureCode.  MasterCard SecureCode is a private code for your MasterCard account that gives you an additional layer of online shopping security. Only you know what your code is – retailers aren’t able to see it, so you can trust that your transactions get your approval every time.  Secure Code is driven by online merchants. Not all online companies utilize it, but the ones that do require the MasterCard cardholder to be enrolled in SecureCode and will deny a transaction without it. It really is just an extra level of security provided by these online companies and MasterCard.  Remember as you get ready to shop for the holidays—some merchants will require that your card is enrolled in this program and will deny MasterCard purchases if you are not enrolled.

Visa Credit Cards

North Central has a Rewards card available to all members depending on qualifications and credit records. There is no annual fee with either card. Don’t have an North Central credit card yet? Apply online or contact your local branch or the service center. Check out our rewards catalog Visa Score Card Gift Catalog, Visa ScoreCard Travel Catalog.

Or visit the catalog online Scorecard Rewards.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate, rates, terms, and conditions may apply.

It’s a Great Time To Transfer Cards!

Transfer your current credit card balance to our lower interest credit cards to save on fees and interest!!  We offer fixed rates, no balance transfer fees, no penalty APRs, your rate is not determined by credit score and we participate in the Scorecard Rewards Program.


You can report a lost or stolen credit/debit card using the numbers listed for the card you need to report. It is important that you call the correct number as each is specific to the type of card you are using.

Please note that you may be asked to give your name, our full business name (North Central Area Credit Union), and the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your address or phone number in order to verify your account.

During Business Hours
Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 5 pm; Friday 8:30 am – 6 pm
Please call our Service Center at (989) 910-5135

After Hours/Weekends
VISA Credit Card (800) 847-2911
ATM/MasterCard Debit Card (888) 241-2510

Out of the Country
VISA Credit Card: (Collect) (401) 581-9994
ATM/MasterCard Debit Card: (909) 941-1398 

Automobile Insurance

TruStage Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program

You trust North Central Area Credit Union to provide you and your family with quality products and services to meet your financial needs. We’ve joined with a dedicated team of insurance professionals to bring you the TruStage® Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program.

  • The TruStage Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program is the property and casualty coverage solution preferred by credit unions and their members.
  • Access convenient e-service, pay your bill or make changes to your policy, even report a claim.
  • Receive fast, easy access to claims service 24 hours a day.
  • Obtain a free, no-obligation quote.  For More Information, Call 1-800-428-3932 Option 2.

The TruStage Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program is made available by CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency, Inc. and underwritten by leading insurance companies. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify. Discounts are not available in all states and discounts vary by state. A consumer report from a consumer reporting agency and/or motor vehicle report will be obtained on all drivers listed on your policy where state regulations allow. The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured or guaranteed by your credit union.

Debt Protection

In the event you become totally disabled by sickness or an accident, debt protection pays your loan payments up to the policy maximum. The fee for this coverage is added to your regular loan payments. For full policy details, ask a credit union representative.

With a monthly fee added to your loan, debt protection pays the covered balance of your loan, up to the policy maximum, in the event of your death.  Ask your loan officer for details on your next visit.

It’s Me 247 Online Banking

With online banking, you can access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your personal computer or smartphone. Transferring funds, balancing your checkbook, and printing your account history and canceled checks are all possible in the comfort of your own home.

Remote Deposit Capture

NCACU now offers Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)  to approved members.  RDC allows members to make electronic deposits to their accounts using the camera on their smartphones.  For more information check out our Mobile App in the Android or Apple play store.

24 Teller

24 Teller allows you to access your account by phone, no matter where you are across the state or across the country. For local calling, just contact your credit union branch and use Option 1 to be connected to 24 Teller or call 855-24-TELLER (855-248-3553). It is easy to transfer funds, balance your checkbook or receive account information any time, day, or night.  You must activate 24 Teller on your account before being able to use the service.  Please call (989) 910-5135, for activation assistance.

Bill Pay Services

Looking for an easy way to simplify your life? It’s Me 247 Bill Pay can help you do just that. With It’s Me 247 Bill Pay you can pay your bills online with the click of a mouse or through mobile access from your credit union checking account. Pay any bill, including your house payment, your credit card company – even your babysitter – at any time, from anywhere.

  • Simplify your life
  • Gain financial control
  • Save time for things that matter the most

Need more information? Watch our selection How-To videos here.

To apply for our online bill pay service, log on to It’s Me 247Select the “Pay Bills” icon and fill out and submit the form online. Approval takes just 2-3 business days.

Direct Deposit

With direct deposit, your payroll, Social Security, or SSI payment goes straight to your checking or savings account. Money is delivered electronically to your account, no standing in line or worries about checks being lost or stolen. Your money is always there on payment day as soon as the credit union opens.

Direct deposit is the best way to get your payments. It’s safer and easier, and it gives you more control over your money than payroll or a mailed check.

Go Direct! Call the toll-free Go Direct helpline: 800-333-1795 or go online to sign up or for more information.

The Go Direct campaign is sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Banks. The Go Direct word and design mark is a registered service mark of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Business Accounts

Small business accounts can be opened at NCACU. Visit your nearest NCACU branch to open your business account.

Christmas Club

A Christmas Club Account is a great way to save for the holidays or other year-end expenses, such as house insurance, tuition, and taxes. It’s easy to open a club account, just stop in at any branch office for more information.

Deposits can be by Direct Deposit or made at your convenience, whether you’re doing It’s Me 247 online banking, 24 Teller phone service, or visiting a branch.  You can also set up an automatic transfer into your Christmas Club each pay period. Contact your employer to set up the direct deposit service. Your Christmas club money will roll over into your savings account annually on the first of November.

You can open your Christmas Club account any time of the year, but why wait?

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay protects you from the embarrassment of returned checks, and merchant returned checks. Courtesy Pay is a service that allows us to pay an item presented against your checking account even if it causes the account to become overdrawn. The system allows you to draw up to $500 over your account balance; a $30 overdraft fee will be included in this amount. The member is then given 30 days to bring their balance current. If additional checks are written when the balance is deficient an additional fee of $30 will apply. To qualify for Courtesy Pay your account has to be open for at least 60 days with the credit union. For more information on Courtesy Pay contact your local NCACU branch.

Free Financial Advising

When times are hard or when you just need to ask some questions, NCACU offers free financial advising. We urge all our members to explore their financial health, by making an appointment with their local branches. For help, call your local branch to make an appointment.

Money Orders

North Central offers low-cost money orders for $3.00 per order up to $1000 max. For larger amounts, we have cashier’s checks available.

Night Depository

All members can use the night depository box located in the drive-thru area of each branch.

Notary Services

Notary Services are available free of charge for members at all our branch locations. Non-members can use our Notary Services for $5.00.

Overdraft Protection

North Central’s overdraft protection is a service that allows the credit union to automatically pull money from a savings account to pay an overdraft from a checking account. This keeps checking accounts from having a non-sufficient fund fee. The charge for this protection is $5.00 per overdraft.

The overdraft reimbursement option is when you actually apply for a revolving loan to cover an insufficient balance in your checking account. This service has credit score requirements, income verification, credit report, and a signed contract just like a regular unsecured loan. This loan usually has a high interest rate attached and may be subject to service charges.

Shared Branching

Credit unions are always looking for new ways to serve their members better. With this in mind, your credit union is excited to announce its participation in the Xtend Shared Branching service. By teaming with Xtend, your credit union can now offer you service at over 90 credit union locations throughout Michigan, Northern Indiana and New York City, all with the same high level of customer service you have come to expect. Please click here to search for credit unions near you that participate in this program.

You can also save the number 91989 in your smartphone contacts for ATM.  Then when you are somewhere new, you can text the zip code of where you are to this number for a list of fee-free ATMs near you!

Checking Account Services

North Central offers checking account services with a FREE monthly E-statement and unlimited checks. You may choose checks with individual carbon copy receipts to help you keep track of the checks used. You can view, print, and balance your account and checks directly from our It’s Me 247 online banking site.

Beginning January 1, 2023, printed statements will incur a $5.00 per month fee.  Save a tree, and view statements for free online. 

Click Here to learn more about our convenient check ordering system.

Wire Transfers

Wire money to any place in the world. Just visit our branch locations and tell us what your needs are.