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Your New Year’s Resolution:  

Stop Paying Checking Fees! 

As we welcome the New Year, it’s a perfect time to reassess financial habits and make resolutions for greater financial health. A key step in this journey is to eliminate unnecessary checking fees.   

Compare Your Current Checking Account 

Start by examining your current checking account. Are you frequently charged for account maintenance, ATM use, or overdrafts? These fees can add up quickly, draining your hard-earned money. It’s essential to understand the fee structure of your current account. At NCACU, we pride ourselves on eliminating fees so you can keep more of your money where it belongs – in your pocket. 

Fees to avoid: 

  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: This fee is charged for your account’s ‘upkeep.’ Some banks waive this fee if certain conditions are met, such as maintaining a large minimum balance. NCACU has no monthly maintenance fees — and no minimum balance requirement! 
  • Overdraft Fees: When you spend more money than you have in your account, an institution may cover the difference but charge an overdraft fee. These fees can be substantial and have a domino effect if your account goes negative. At NCACU, we offer tools to help you avoid these unwanted fees. We can help you set up safeguards to prevent overdrafts from happening, like setting up account alerts. 
  • Automatic Transfer Fees: This fee is incurred when a transfer from another account into your checking account covers a transaction. These fees can be $10 or higher per transaction. At NCACU, we only charge a competitively lower fee if we need to make the transfer on your behalf. 
  • ATM Fees: Using an ATM outside your bank’s network often incurs fees. Additionally, your bank may charge a separate fee on top of the one authorized by the ATM owner. We offer many surcharge-free locations to access via the CO-OP™ network. 
  • Account Closure Fee: Some banks charge a fee if you close your account within a specific timeframe after opening it.  
  • Paper Statement Fees: While many opt for electronic statements, receiving physical paper statements can incur a fee. At NCACU, you can avoid this fee by signing up for eStatements. They’re free, safe, and secure, and you’ll receive your information sooner than the mail. 

Make the switch to NCACU: 

Our Checking Accounts are designed with your financial well-being in mind, offering benefits such as: 

  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees: Enjoy added freedom without the burden of monthly fees. 
  • Free ATM Transactions: Access your money anywhere without worrying about additional charges. 
  • Overdraft Protection: We offer cost-effective solutions to manage your account effectively to help you avoid overdraft fees. 

Already A Checking Member?  

If you’re already a checking member at NCACU, there are additional ways to save: 

  • Educate Yourself on Avoiding Fees: Knowledge is power, especially regarding financial matters. Learn about the different fees that can be incurred and how to avoid them. 
  • Automatic Transfer Fees: At NCACU, we charge a nominal fee for automatic overdraft transfers, which is significantly lower than the industry standard. However, you can avoid this fee by monitoring your account and maintaining a sufficient balance. 
  • Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Fees: Our Courtesy Pay and overdraft fees are competitive, but why pay a fee when you can avoid it? By monitoring your account diligently, you can steer clear of these charges. 

Utilize Online and Mobile Banking: 

Your best tool is Online and Mobile Banking. It allows you to: 

  • Monitor Balances: Keep a close eye on your account balances in real-time. 
  • Make Transfers in Advance: Transfer funds between accounts ahead of time to avoid overdrafts. 
  • Set Alerts: Receive notifications for low balances or large transactions to stay in control of your finances. 

Your financial well-being is at the core of what we do at NCACU. By switching to our Checking Account —or optimizing your current account, you can make strides towards a financially healthy New Year.  

Say goodbye to unnecessary checking fees — and make your New Year’s Resolution a reality!