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Announcing Higher Earnings!

Boost your earnings with a Money Market Account or our 13-Month CD Special. 

Invest in our 13-month CD or CD IRA Special! 

If you have a lump sum you’d like to invest, our 13-month CD or CD IRA is the perfect option. This limited-time offer lets you lock in an impressive 4.90% APY* on your funds.   

Minimum Deposit: $500
Term: 13 Months
APY: 4.90% 

This CD Special offers an excellent return on your investment with peace of mind from a fixed APY. Whether you’re saving for a specific goal or looking to diversify your portfolio, this CD can help you earn more with your money. 

More facts about CDs: 

When you invest in a CD or CD IRA, you agree to deposit a certain sum of money for a pre-determined period, ranging from a few months to several years. In return, you earn a fixed interest rate for the duration of the term. Upon maturity, you receive your original investment plus the accrued interest. CDs are a safe option since they are fully insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) for up to $250,000, with an additional $250,000 coverage for your IRA.  

However, it’s essential to note that withdrawing funds from a CD before its maturity can result in penalties, which may reduce your earned interest or even reduce the principal amount originally invested. 

Health Savings Accounts: Another Option

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are tax-advantaged savings accounts specifically designed for individuals with high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). You can set aside pre-tax money to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, including deductibles, copayments, and other qualified health expenses. One of the primary benefits of HSAs is the triple tax advantage: 

  • Contributions are tax-deductible. 
  • The money grows tax-free when invested. 
  • Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax-free.

At NCACU, you also receive a solid return on your HSA deposits! You can earn .50% APY* on your HSA, compounded and credited monthly.   

Why choose NCACU? 

There are more reasons to choose NCACU when it comes to investing: 

  • Member-Centric Approach: At NCACU, we genuinely care about your financial well-being and are committed to helping you achieve your goals.
  • Competitive Rates: We offer competitive rates on all our savings products so you can earn more.
  • Local Expertise: We have deep roots in the community, which means we understand our members’ unique financial challenges and opportunities. 
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: We offer a variety of savings products for different financial goals and preferences. Whether you prefer a “liquid” account like our Money Market (with easy access to funds) or a fixed-rate CD, you have options.
  • NCUA Insurance: The National Credit Union Administration federally insures all savings, so your funds are fully protected up to $250,000.

Make the most of your savings with an NCACU Money Market Account, 13-Month CD Special, or HSA. Stop by any branch or call us at (989) 910-5135 to get started.   

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are effective October 1, 2023, and are subject to change. This offer is available for a limited time and can change or end at any time. Interest is compounded and credited monthly. Other restrictions may apply. See North Central Area Credit Union for details. 

**APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are effective October 1, 2023, and are subject to change. This offer is available for a limited time and can change or end at any time. Rates reflect a .25% bonus rate incentive. To receive the .25% bonus rate, the member must have an active Checking Account which includes a minimum of $250 ACH Direct Deposit monthly, an active Debit Card, and Online Banking with eStatements/eNotices. Interest is compounded and credited monthly. Penalties for early withdrawal, which will impact earnings. Minimum investment is $500; maximum investment is $250,000. Contact North Central for rates on deposits above $250,000. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Rates are not available to businesses. Other restrictions may apply; CD levels will be capped and the special terminated when certain deposit levels are reached. See North Central for details. 


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