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Ready For Rewards?

Elevate Your Spending with an NCACU Visa® Rewards Card! 

Are you ready to transform your everyday purchases into a rewarding experience? With NCACU’s Visa® Rewards Card options, every transaction brings you closer to exciting merchandise rewards or cash back. Whether you’re fueling up your car, dining out, or booking your next vacation, your spending could be working harder for you. Let’s dive into how you can maximize the benefits of your spending with our tailored Visa Rewards Card options. 

Traditional Rewards Card: Points for Every Purchase

Our Traditional Rewards Card is designed for those who love to turn their spending into a variety of rewards: 

  • Earn Points on Every Dollar: You earn one reward point for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases. Whether you’re shopping locally or internationally, your points will accumulate, bringing you closer to your next reward. 
  • Redeem for Exciting Travel and Merchandise: Your accumulated points open up a world of possibilities. The choice from travel and gift cards to merchandise and unique experiences is yours. Imagine booking your next getaway or treating yourself to something special, all thanks to your everyday spending. 
  • Competitive APR and No Annual Fee: Enjoy the benefits of a competitive fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) without worrying about an annual fee, making it easier to manage your finances while reaping the rewards. 

New Cash-Back Option: Earn Cash on Purchases! 

For those who prefer the simplicity and flexibility of cash back, our New Cash-Back Visa® Rewards Card is the perfect match: 

  • 1% Cash Back: Every qualifying purchase earns you 1% cash back. This means every grocery run, every online order, and every tank of gas contributes to your cash-back balance. 
  • Monthly Cash Back: Enjoy the convenience of receiving your cash back monthly, directly benefiting your bottom line. It’s like getting a discount on every purchase you make! You’ll see a credit on your statement each month. 
  • Save with Competitive APR and No Annual Fee: Like our Traditional Rewards Card, the Cash-Back Card offers a competitive fixed APR and no annual fee, maximizing your savings and cashback value. 

Ready for Rewards? It’s Easy to Get Started! 

Deciding between earning points or cash back has never been easier. Consider your lifestyle and which benefits align best with your spending habits. Do you dream of turning purchases into your next vacation or prefer the straightforward benefit of cashback? 

Once you’ve decided, requesting your new Rewards Card is just a phone call away. Contact us at (989) 910-5135 to request your new card, or click here to apply. Our team is ready to assist you in making the switch, ensuring you start earning rewards or cash back on your terms. 

Why Choose North Central Area Credit Union? 

Beyond the rewards and cash-back options, being a cardholder means you’re part of a community that values savings, security, and customer satisfaction. Our cards are designed with your financial well-being in mind, offering: 

  • Global Acceptance: Shop confidently anywhere Visa is accepted, knowing your purchases contribute to your rewards or cash-back balance. 
  • Security: Enjoy peace of mind with advanced security features protecting your transactions and personal information. 
  • Local Support: Our dedicated team is here to support you, whether you have questions about your rewards, need assistance with your account, or are looking for financial advice. 


Decide if you prefer to earn points for merchandise or cash back on every purchase. Then, request your new Rewards Card by calling (989) 910-5135 or visiting us online. It’s that easy!